Graphical creations by Maël Bathfield

The artist behind the enigma: Maël Bathfield defies norms with his PHANTASMAGORICAL BESTIARY, eschewing artificial intelligence!

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Uncover the mystery behind the breathtaking creations of Maël Bathfield, the visionary artist behind the PHANTASMAGORICAL BESTIARY. Immerse yourself in a revolutionary fusion of traditional art, photography, and digital art—a subtle harmony that AI cannot replicate. Explore his unique artistic process without resorting to artificial intelligence! No, he does not proceed in this manner!

No, Maël Bathfield, also known as MB·d·Art, does not employ AI to craft the works of his PHANTASMAGORICAL BESTIARY. Preceding the advent of AI among us, his technique is far more nuanced, far more mysterious than you may think. The artistic dance with pareidolia requires a harmony between the artist and the process in which the machine cannot participate. The artist intuitively pilots the revolutionary fusion of drawing, photography, and digital art himself.

Don’t wait any longer, explore the gallery now, and be inspired by the captivating originality of Maël Bathfield.

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