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The Creations of Maël Bathfield: How to Preserve the Magic of Your Photographs.

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Explore the secrets of preserving photographic works with these care tips. Discover how to preserve the timeless elegance of Maël Bathfield’s creations. Protect your prints with expert photography tips.

Preserving photographic prints is essential to ensure their long-term durability and quality. Here are some tips for maintaining your photographic prints:

Proper Storage:

  • Keep your prints in a dry, cool, and dark place to prevent fading due to light and humidity.
  • Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations.

Professional Framing:

  • If you frame your prints, make sure to use acid-free materials to prevent deterioration.
  • Use anti-reflective glass to protect prints from light.

Correct Handling:

  • Handle prints with clean, dry hands to avoid fingerprints and dirt.
  • Use white cotton gloves if possible.

Gentle Cleaning:

  • Clean prints carefully using a soft brush to remove dust. Do not rub the surface.
  • If necessary, use a blower to eliminate dust.

Protection against Elements:

  • Avoid exposing prints to direct sunlight, as it can cause fading.
  • Protect them from elements such as air, dust, and humidity.

Avoid Hazardous Environments:

  • Do not place your prints in areas prone to chemical fumes or smoke.

Rotation of Prints:

  • If you regularly display prints, consider rotating them occasionally to avoid uneven exposure to light.

Moisture Management:

  • Use moisture absorbers or dehumidifiers in storage spaces to prevent damage from humidity.

Avoid Direct Gluing:

  • Avoid directly gluing prints to surfaces, as this can damage the photo over time.

Scanning Prints:

  • For long-term preservation, consider scanning your prints to keep a digital copy.

By following these tips, you will contribute to maintaining the quality and durability of your photographic prints over time.

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