Graphical creations by Maël Bathfield

Terms and conditions of sale


The prices indicated in the store do not include shipping costs (see also How are shipping costs calculated? in the F.A.Q.) except for shipments within continental France.

Possibility of paying in several stages without any problem, you have to send me an email beforehand, or choose the option Bank transfer to validate the order, then send me an email just after the process. Delivery made in due time.
You want several items and you wonder if I can reduce the overall amount? Most probably yes, send me an email!

  • Credit card: check “Credit/debit card” to use the secured service by STRIPE to pay by credit card. You can also use the card payment service offered by Paypal: check “Paypal” then click on the CB icon.
  • Paypal : select “Paypal” to pay using your Paypal account. There is also the possibility to pay in 4 payments… but I have never tested it yet.
  • Bank transfer: select “Bank transfer” to make a transfer from the services of your bank; the bank details useful for this transfer are provided in the email confirmation of your order.
  • Cash on delivery: select “Cash on delivery” only if you wish to pay in cash AND if, after prior contact, you have had a confirmation from me to deliver in person.

We are not here at a major online store that imposes bad working conditions to its employees … so thank you for being much more patient 🙂

Preparation time: this is the time I need to process an order! It can go from less than 48 hours, if the creation ordered is already in stock and I already have the adequate packaging material, up to 1 week, if the creation has to be printed and/or I am missing some packaging material.

Delivery time: my nearest post office is only open in the morning from Monday to Wednesday. So for example, if you order on a Wednesday, your package will not be shipped until the following Monday. Then of course there is the delivery time of the Colissimo service (French Post Service).

In any case, you will receive an email when your package is shipped.


If a current exhibition is announced (on the homepage and on this page), it is very likely that the majority of the creations in the store are being exhibited.
In this case and without any instruction from you, you will receive an email indicating that your package will be shipped only after the end of the exhibition.
Please indicate in the comments of your order if you don’t want to/can’t wait for this delay.


As we are still not on a merchant’s site here, and like tomatoes at the greengrocer’s and fish at the fishmonger’s, we do not return original drawings to the artist, no. So no return possible.
This is valid except for problems of damage or loss during transport, which can unfortunately happen and solutions exist in these cases of course.


The creations ordered on this site are sent by the Colissimo service of LA POSTE (French Post Office).
In general, I advise you to fill in your details as precisely as possible [email, address, but also phone number]. In case of problem related to the delivery or change of operating mode for whatever reason, it makes things much easier.

For any exceptional request of shipping by another way or request thank you to contact me by mail.

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