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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Maël Bathfield, a self-taught French artist and former chemist, whose creativity flourishes in his innovative series, the “Phantasmagorical Bestiary.” Delve into his unique creations, merging drawing, photography, and digital art in a whirlwind of ephemeral beauty and mystery.

With over 15 years of photographic practice, Maël Bathfield expanded his artistic horizons after a remarkable transition to a new drawing style. This passionate scientist ventured into art without formal artistic training, exploring his latent talent through 360° panoramic photography and digital image manipulations. His series “Phantasmagorical Bestiary” is the result of artistic serendipity, where chance met meticulous technical preparation.

Go behind the scenes of artistic creation with Maël Bathfield. His secret mixed technique involves drawing by subtracting material, capturing the ephemeral substance digitally just after its creation. The creative process continues with digital manipulation through five different software, resulting in ‘fine art’ photographic prints. Carefully selected framing adds the finishing touch to these original works.

Although his creations can be classified in the abstract art category, Maël Bathfield leaves room for personal interpretation by avoiding imposing explicit titles. The chronological numbering of the creations allows for the viewer’s imagination to roam freely, playing with the phenomenon of pareidolia. Each visitor becomes a co-creator, discovering their own meanings in these unique works.

Explore his dedicated online portfolio for the “Phantasmagorical Bestiary” series and dive into a world where science and art merge. Maël Bathfield has solidified his online presence with a detailed website, and social media interactions. In addition to seeking constructive critiques, he also offers the opportunity to acquire his unique creations online.

Let yourself be drawn into the exploration of Maël Bathfield’s gallery and make your choices among his original works. Each creation tells a unique story, unveiling a harmonious fusion between science and art. Immerse yourself in his fantastical universe and become a co-creator of your own artistic experience.

Don’t wait any longer, explore the gallery now, and be inspired by the captivating originality of Maël Bathfield.

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