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Discover Maël Bathfield’s Unique Phantasmagorical Bestiary: A Revolutionary Fusion of Drawing, Photography, and Digital Art

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Embark on a journey into Maël Bathfield’s unique universe with the Phantasmagorical Bestiary: a revolutionary fusion of drawing, photography, and digital art. Immerse yourself in the ephemeral creative and explore captivating abstract creations. Acquire unique fine art prints and become a co-creator of this artistic adventure. An artistic voyage between science and imagination awaits you!

Maël Bathfield, a self-taught French artist, pushes the boundaries of creativity with his captivating series “Phantasmagorical Bestiary.” With a scientific background, his artistic journey, from a Ph.D. in chemistry to the exploration of immersive panoramic photography, has led to a revolutionary technique combining drawing, photography, and digital art.

Discover the Creative Ephemeral:
In this series, each artwork is born from artistic serendipity, a result of daily activity where Maël Bathfield’s imagination freely expresses itself. Using a secret and ephemeral substance, each drawing is immortalized through digital photography before undergoing transformation through software processing. The result? Unique creations printed on photographic paper, ready to captivate your imagination.

Abstract Art Redefined:
Classifiable in the category of abstract art, each drawing in the “Phantasmagorical Bestiary” series defies conventions. Playing with the phenomenon of pareidolia, the titles reveal only a number, leaving each viewer the freedom to interpret. Animal forms often emerge, but the artist allows the mystery to persist, inviting everyone to become a co-creator.

From Scientist to Artist:
Emerging from a scientific background, Maël Bathfield abandoned science itself to embrace the history and philosophy of sciences. Settled in the picturesque Viganais region, he continues his artistic evolution, fueled by a passion that has traveled from Haute-Garonne to Réunion, from Lyon to Montpellier.

Explore and Acquire:
Immerse yourself in Maël Bathfield’s singular universe by exploring his dedicated website. Visit his online portfolio for a complete immersion into the “Phantasmagorical Bestiary.” Fine art prints are available for purchase, offering the opportunity to own a unique and ephemeral piece.

Become a Co-Creator:
Join Maël Bathfield’s expanding community on Facebook. Share your interpretations, receive exclusive previews, and be at the heart of the artistic creation. Your voice contributes to the constant evolution of this unique artistic adventure.

Explore, discover, and become a part of Maël Bathfield’s ever-evolving artistic history. Abstract art comes to life in the Phantasmagorical Bestiary, where ephemeral creativity meets infinite imagination.

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